CEE 5944 – SEM Graduate Seminar

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The structural engineering and materials graduate seminar is a great opportunity for graduate students to learn about the practice of structural engineering and research related to structural engineering.  The graduate seminar is presented each semester with a wide range of speakers and topics with the intent of giving the students a broader perspective on the field of structural engineering.  In the fall, the Structural Engineering and Materials (SEM) faculty make a presentation on their past and ongoing research so that the students get a chance to know the professors and their respective fields of research.  In some cases, these presentations have sparked student interest for getting involved in research with those faculty.  As stated in the SEM program information for new graduate students, this course is required in one fall and spring semester consecutively for all M.S. and Ph.D. students.  However, all graduate students are encouraged to attend and seminars are often advertised to all SEM graduate students and faculty.

Presentation by Professor Toru Takeuchi of Tokyo Tech During Graduate Seminar Sept. 2013