CEE 2804 Introduction to Civil Engineering

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The introduction to Civil Engineering course gives undergraduate sophmore engineering students a better understanding of the Civil Engineering discipline.  Some of the objectives of this class include:

  • Recognize the breadth and specialty areas within the civil engineering profession.
  • Identify the components of the civil engineering undergraduate program of study and
  • graduation requirements.
  • Identify Civil Engineering work in the surrounding community through local field trips.
  • Recognize the importance of the ASCE Code of Ethics and apply its principles to civil
  • engineering practice.
  • Recognize contemporary civil engineering issues and the impact of civil engineering
  • solutions on society.
  • Conduct written and verbal communications in a professional manner.

Also, an important component of this course is to provide students the opportunity to get to know their fellow students and be introduced to some of the civil engineering faculty.Our small group went on several exciting field trips including the smart road (shown above), the construction site for the new Human and Agricultural Biosciences Building 1, and the Thomas M. Murray Structural Engineering Laboratory.