Latest Research

Nov 2012

Self-Centering Beams for Resilient Earthquake Resistance


A self-contained self-centering beam (SCB) has been developed that provides self-centering seismic behavior with enhanced constructability (Darling 2012).  The SCB consists of a beam with concentric tubes connected to the bottom flange.  The tubes at the bottom flange are precompressed … Continue reading

News & Updates

  • Eatherton receives ASCE Moisseiff Award

    The Moisseiff award is given to an important paper published in an ASCE journal, dealing with the board field of structural design, including applied mechanics as well as the theoretical analysis, or constructive improvement, of engineering structures such as bridges … Continue reading

  • Research Group Dinner

    The research group got together for dinner at Eatherton’s house for dinner, drinks, and some relaxation.  Thanks everyone for coming, it was a great time!

  • Research Group Lunch to Celebrate End of the Semester

    Members of the research group get together at Pita Vera for lunch to cap off a productive semester and congratulate our new graduates.