Sep 2013

Implementing BIM in Structural Engineering Curricula

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This goal of this project is to develop a strategy and the related material for the incorporation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) into undergraduate and graduate curricula. To facilitate the instruction of students on the BIM process, a series of instructional modules were developed to be inserted into courses already offered regularly. The intent of the modules is to enhance the corresponding courses and material which are part of the curriculum as well as give students a general concept of the BIM process including the advantages and challenges of the process.  A review of the literature is presented which demonstrates how BIM is becoming a widely used process within many facets of the larger architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry as well as making a strong impact in academic and research arenas. Students that are exposed to BIM have an advantage over their counterparts as they enter the workforce. Furthermore, it will be shown that adding a BIM component to the structural engineering curriculum will enhance the students’ ability to absorb the course content more completely.

Lamb, M. J. (2012) Integration of Building Information Modeling in Undergraduate and Graduate Structural Engineering Curriculum, M.S. Report, Virginia Tech, Click Here